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Bike tip to Coll Baix beach

Bike friendly route we took

We took an awesome trip! On our way, we passed a village opon a hill, potatoe plantations and lots of beautiful sites.

Sa Pobla
The center of Sa Pobla

We had a coffee in Sa Pobla, alas, twas bad.

The Beach of Alcúdia

The beach in Alcúdia was pretty nice, but we did not stay. We had better things to do!

Coll Baix
View of the beach from the top of the hill.

The road was long and at times the hill was steep, but gratification came nonetheless <3.

Coll Baix
View after descent

A stony beach, awesome.

Bike tip from Manacor to some eastern Calas

Relationship ending (car friendly) route we took

We took a trip to the eastern calas, starting with Cala Miilor and ending at the entrance to Calas de Mallorca.

Restaurant in S'Illot

We ate seafood by the seaside at a restaurant with a nice view (you guessed it, sea view) in S'Illot.

Calla Mendia
View after descent

A short stop for some feet dipping in Calla Mendia.

A two days trip to Esporles

Esporles (visiting friends) and Banyalbufar

We took a trip to party with some friends in Esporles. Stayed two nights! :)

Boys cooing
Restaurant at a friend's house (it was italian)
A nice home

Spent the first night cooking with friends, then went to a part in Esporles.

The next day we went towards Banyalbufar, on a cloudy day with high winds.
Banyalbufar 1
Banyalbufar 1
Banyalbufar 2
Banyalbufar 2

A short stop to see the steep beach in Banyalbufar.

Banyalbufar 2
Salvatore's garden

We slept in a friend's house.

The next day we went back, through Puigpunyent.
Road to Puigpunyent 1
Road to Puigpunyent 1
Road to Puigpunyent 2
Road to Puigpunyent 2

Travel to iceland

Image from a cafe in Iceland

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